The Salvadoran Army during the Civil War

The Salvadorian Armed Forcres were the primary adversery to the the FMLN Guerilla fighter during the Salvadoran Civil War, but these were not saivors of the people. Many soldiers were merely puppets to the corruption that would be on full display during the Civil War. Soilders would be task to form into death Squadrons killing anyone who would plot against the dictator or the 14th families. With many of them going into poor pueblo’s and doing many unspeakable and heinous acts. The Salvadoran government would also play a major role in one of the most influencial and well loved individuals within the country.

A Salvadoran deathsquad member by the name of Roberto D’Aubisson would murder Oscar Romero on March 24, 1980 and would be in prisoned and later released. The Squadron would travel throught the Salvadoran Country side killing, raping, toturing, and assaulting. The Salvadoran government would recieve aid that from the United States, who were absoultely clueless as to what horrors were being commited in the Country at the time. The worst action that the Death Squadrons would do was entering pueblos and killing anyone suspect of being a guerilla fighter, Primarly children would be killed at the hands of the Salvadoran Army. The worst crime that the Salvadorian Army would have involvement in was the rape and subsequent Murder of four American Church nuns. This would be the final straw for Jimmy Carter and he would stop sending aid to El Salvador, due to the murder of the four nuns.

Out of all the different sections of the Salvadoran Civil war, the most infamous would be the Altacatl battalion. The Altacalt Battallion would be the majorly involved with many of the massacres through the Salvadoran civil war and with the blood of thousands of innocent people on there hands. One of there most heinous actions was the Massacre of El Mozote. More than 1,000 innocent people would be slaughtered as the Salvadoran Governement would grow paranoid, as they believed that the village was collaborating with the guerilla fighters and would send the death squad to do a “sweep” of the area and they would get direct orders from there superiors to “make an example of them” and so they would slaugther everyone in the village, this would also included the men,women, and children.

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By the end of the Salvadoran civil war, the death squads were disbanded, but there crimes against the innocent people of El Salvador would continue to haunt many to this very day. Many parents would mourn the loss of their children, while other would mourn for those who were murdered without prior reason or evidence to suggest they were members of the guerilla fighters. Many will never forget those who parished at the hands of these evil individuals.