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This website was designed to discuss and share information on the Salvadoran Civil War, A dark time period within central america that would see the deaths of countless innocent people, immense corruption from within the government, and countless human rights violation that would affect the people. The Salvadoran Civil war would cause a chain of events that would eventually result in the foundation and creation of two of the most infamous gangs in the United States and in Central America: MS-13 and Barrios 18. There creation would lead to El Salvador having the highest homicide rate on the planet for more than 20 years, with a government that would be powerless in stoppping the spread of this horrible plague. This website will also cover the current president of El Salvador Naybib Bukele and discussing his current reign as president, the positives that he has brought to his country, and the negatives that he has brought to the country. This website will cover tough and explicit content that may be tough for viewers. Viewer discrestion is advised.

Much of the government in the employment of death squads and it would see the death of countless innocent people within the country. Many would flee the country, while other would live very cautiously. Many would immigrate to the United States were they would seek refuge, but little did they kow that they would only spark a future problem.

The FMLN was one of the groups that would attempt to over throw the government and attempt to instill a communist government. They would recurit children to aid them and in exchange they would offer protection to there villages.

MS-13 and Barrios 18 are two of the main gangs that have a strangle hold on the Country. With many of them bring harm to small busniess and killing people who just look at them the wrong way. They have been causing havic, misery, and pain to the citizens of this country, with many of them being feared by even the athorities.

The new president and politcal group would take control of the government and have given the people of El Salvador peace, freedom, and a country with out fear for the first time in almost 200 years. They would give people jobs, enlsit more police officers and soilders, provide renewable energy, and giving people better education. However, there has been some controversy on these fronts from making bitcoin the coin of the Country to Enstilling a form of dictatorship by calling a state of emergency for homicides.

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