Research sources blog

Some of the source that I was able to find while searching were old CIA documents, a letter addressing a cease fire between the Salvadoran army and the FMNLF, document discussing the post war, rise of the maras within El Salvador, and news articles that talk about the new president of the El Salvador and his crackdown on gang violence within the country. After reading, these sources I was able to get a lot more info on many of the events and circumstance that would result in El salvador having a rise in gang violence and high homicide rate, to now being one of the safest countries in Central America. With the information that is at my disposal after my research, I’m planning to make a website with different tabs and sections for each key event for the viewer or potentially a timeline that branches to different sections that talk about certian individuals or topics. Depending on certain online source it can give actual documents from the event in question, such as actual documentations from the cold war, to secondary source such as descriptions from textbooks and newspaper articles, it is a melting pot of potential that need to be looked at with great care and with caution. Some of the information that I already knew about the topic in question was what caused the war, the involvement between the two groups involved, as well as the eventual founding and rise of the gangs control of the country. The things that I have questions are how did the crime within the country get so out of hand, what was the relationship between the US and Salvadorian Army like, and more importantly how corrupt was the government system within El Salvador to allow the Gangs to maintain a stronghold for almost 20 years?