Negative Asspects of the New regime

While some within the country would like the ratical shift and new oppourtunities that the Nayib Bukele and the new regime would employ. Many other would become very bitter and hostile to the new preseident. Many would claim that Nayib Bukele is not getting rid of corruption but is simply masking it. Ever since Nayib Bukele was in office he would create his own brand. From having his massive social media following, he would also implement bitcoin as the national coin. This would be a very high risk gamble as a staggering 70 percent of Salvadorans don’t have bank accounts and many fear that they’ll lose money rather than gain. With over a quater of the population living below the poverty line and a thrid of the country having access to the internet, this would be looked as a horrible idea if it fails.

Nayib Bukele would also promise to the people of El Salvador to lower crime rates, by bring criminals to jsutice and not negotiate treaties like previous presidents would. However, recent video has surfaced of him having a private meeting with a high ranking MS-13 member. Gangs are still in power as of right now and many IACHR journalist would be right about this and state that this was a “suffering irreparable harm to their human rights.” Something else that would be extremely damning is that the police are hiding homicide counts, extorsion, and missing people cases, making it look as clean country on the outside, but is actually still rotting on the inside.

Nayib Bukele would also abuse his political standing and use military force. In March of 2022, a peak of new homicides reached for that year. The president called a state of emergency and would suspend certain right of the people. The military and police would have total authority enter peoples properties without a search warrent and suspend citizens rights to freedom of assembly. During this crisis, many innocent people would be arrested on the suspicion of being involved with gang activity or that they are gang members in hiding. They would be denied their constitutional rights. This abuse of power would make him look like a Dictator like those before him.