Nayib Bukele and the new Government Regime.

In June 2019, The people of El Salvador would elect a new president. His name is Nayib Bukele. Nayib Bukele was well known to the people of El Salvador, as he was the mayor of San Salvador from 2015- 2018. He was one of the youngest men to become president in El Salvador. He was a representative of the Political Party called Grand Alliance For National Unity or GANA. During his campaign run, he would give many different promises to the Salvadoran people. He promise that if he is elected for president, he will get rid of all the gang members who are killing innocent people, help fix the economy within El Salvador, and bring about many good changes. Many of the people would support Nayib Bukele for being a visonary and a man who would bring about action.

In the election, Nayib Bukele would win the election by a landslide. As soon as he took office, he would go about his plan. He would attempt to take out a loan of a proximately 109 million dollars to get the police department and army better equipment to help take the fight to the gangs who were harming the people. When the parliament refused to give in to his demands, Armed police officers and soilders would walk into the parliament and demand that they pass the bill. Nayib Bukele said that this was all part of a plan that he had called “plan de control terretorial”. Before he would come into office, the police departments and the Salvadoran national guard had very low numbers and didn’t have the necessary equipment to combat all of the gangs that had taken control of the country. With this plan was set into motion, El Salvador had seen something that was thought to be impossible, go 238 without seeing a homicide.

Video posted by Nayib Bukele

Plan de control terretorial has already engaged in the first 4 steps. The first step would involve the trainning of more police officers and soilders, providing them with better weapons and equipment, giving them better salaries, and to clean the interior government to ensure that dangerous criminals don’t get out. Step one would also see prison guards search criminals cells and conficate any electronics to cut of there communitcation to the outside world. The second step would see the construction of community centers and other buildings in areas that gangs have the most influence to give children and teens place where they won’t be lead astray. The third step would see the modernization of police departments, giving police officers and military personel new squad cars and drones, uniforms, weapons, and bulletproof gear. The fourth step would be the development and induction of new soilders to the Naval force.

The new regime has also made splashes into renewable energy such as geothermal energy, and has also brough dead power plants back to life. The new government regime has also given better wages to educators and better school supplies for children to attend class. The new regime that would take cotrol have brought the people of this country could never see in more than 200 years. A country that is now knowing what peace is, a place where people no longer have to live in fear and a country that is trying to crawl its way out of the abyss and step into the light.