Mara-Salvatrucha 13 or MS-13 would be founded in the poor refugee ridden L.A. Slums it would grow to be one of the feared and infamous gangs in the United States and Central America. MS-13 would be founded in Los Angeles, where many immigrants would look to escape the termoil of war that was raging within El Salvador during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many would gather in groups to protect themselves from other gangs. As there criminal excapades would grow so would there imfamy as many would be arrested and prosecuted. It was here while incarsaration they would add the number 13 to there name as “M” the 13th letter of the Alphebet, and thus MS-13 was born.

They would absorb the gang culture in Los Angeles and develop there own identity with MS-13 developing rivalry with Barrios 18. It wasn’t until mid 1990s, that Bill Clinton would enact a massive deportation policy to remove any foriegn born immigrants from the United States, as a result many MS-13 gang members would be deported to El Salvador. From here MS-13 would recuit more members and expanded there opperations until they had a stranglehold on not just El Salvador, all of central America as well.

There crimes are vast but not limited to extortion, Murder, Armed Robbery, Drug Manufacturing and Selling, Contract Killing, Human trafficking, and Assault. Even when there incarcerated, MS-13 still has freedom, as many are able to keep making money. Many members have prostitues that smuggle phones, drugs, gaming consoles, even T.V into the prisons. MS-13 has earned its title as one of the most infamous gangs in the World.