Homicide Rate and Poverty Rate

The Homicide rate for El Salvador was one of the highest homicide rates on the entire planet. Many people were being murdered and the police were powerless to stop it. 2015 was one of the worst years with a staggering 103 people dying each day and more than 6000 people dying in that year alone. Thankfully, the death rate has gone down drastically since then and we are no longer number 1 on the Worlds most dangerous countries.

Updated Countries with highest homicide rate. Posted on Youtube by Nayib Bukele

The Poverty rate that within El Salvador is a satggering 28 percent. Which means that many citizens who live within the country have to provide for there families with less than $3.20 each day, which is absolutely damning to say the least. The poverty in El Salvador has decrease by a very small amount, but even still many can’t provide for there families. The new regime however has started many different projects to give employment to individuals to provide for there families and is trying to fix the problems with poverty.