FMLN Guerilla Fighters

The Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front or FMLN Guerilla fighters were formerly a group of Guerilla fighters who opposed the dictatorship within the rightist government who was abusing there power upon the Salvadoran people. The predecessor to the FMLN guerilla fighters would be a group that would be known as the Revolutionary Government Junta (JGR), founded by a man named Carlos Humberto Romero. The Group was created to overthrow General Carlos Romero, for his abuse of power, employment of death squadrens to silence those who would plot against him, and when the people would protest about his abuse of power, he would meet them with violence by ordering armed soldiers to fire at the protest. The JGR was viewed by the government and citizens as terrorist as many of there attacks were focused on the government, that would bombing of Government Newspapers, kidnapping and Murder.

The FMLN Guerillas would be founded in 1980, when five major left wing polictial parties would come together, with many of there members being poor farmers who were growing enraged by the elite class within El Salvador. They would also have have support from the Soviet Russia and Cuba. Some of there members however would be young boys as young as 8 year old and some as old as 13 year old who lived in very poverty striken pueblo’s. They would be enlisted and convinced to join the FMLN guerillas by offering them peace and protection for there pueblo’s. Many of these children would get very little education and would be used as either messanger, informants or soldiers.

The story behind the name of the guerilla fighters is a rather tragic example of the corruption that would plague the country. In 1932, there was a Farmer named Farabundo Marti who was a Marxist and Labor leader who would form an peasants revolt against the ruling dictator of El Salvador and the elite class, but this revolution attempt would be crushed by the military, and remembered by an infamous name: La Matraza. La Matraza would see the capture and subsequent execution of Farabundo Marti.

By the end of the Salvadoran Civil war in 1992, the FMLN Guerillas would sign a peace treaty with the Salvadoran Army in Mexico City Mexico, and would become a political party that still exist to this day.