Causes of the War

Some of the main causes of the Salvadoran Civil War as followed.

1. Heavy corruption from with the government during the end of the 1970. As a result many of the Citizens of El Salvador would revolt on against General Carlos Romero, who would win the election of 1977. In order to silence the protest President Romero would use force and order armed forces to open fire on the protestors.

2. Many presidental figures would abuse there power as president and order for the creation of death squads. The orders that were given to the death squad members were to capture and execute anyone who was a suspected supporter of the Leftist or Communist party. This would break and violate many Human rights laws and rights that the citizens of El Salvador had.

3. The founding and creation of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front or FMLN. The FMLN Guerilla fighters were leftist political group that would follow and support communism within Central America, as they had face oppression, corruption, and cruelty at the hands of the dictators that were places into power for the last few decades.

4. The Assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero would be the point of no return for the Salvadorian people. Oscar Romero was respected by many within El Salvador and was the voice that was a beacon of hope during times of hardship. He a very vocal anti-leftist activist and was encouraging the Salvadoran people to avoid spilling the blood of the Salvadoran people. He would unfortunately be gunned down in his own church during mass. The Death of this figure would be the last spark that would cause the people to go to war.

Timeline that talks abou the life of Saint Oscar Romero, A Man of the People and The Voice of God.